Visual Art by Michelle Nguyen

Visual Art by Michelle Nguyen This series is a work of mixed media that combines photographs printed on acetate and paper collage. By constructing temporary and imaginary monuments within existing spaces, their purposes are to allow one to grasp a better understanding of the correlation between space and place. (click to enlarge images)  

“SightSeen” and “TreePower” photos by Stephen Morgan

“SightSeen” Photo by Stephen Morgan f5.6, 13sec, 35mm Location: The Seine River, Paris Commentary Each sightseer’s flash captures one single moment from their bobbing/gliding vantage point to be coveted and exhibited for the envious rubes back home. “TreePower” Double Exposure:  Tree (f11, 1/2000, 50mm), Power-tower (f6.3, 1/500, 35mm) Location: Falmer, East Sussex, UK Commentary Fall

“Gates” photo by Cyrus Sie

Gates photo by Cyrus Sie Commentary Found in one of the less-frequented streets in Oxford, England on a summer visit, something inexplicable about the sign attracted me irresistibly to it. The whole time standing there it stared back at me, each passing cyclist effecting a blink of its eye.