“Acheron River” painting by Lily Jones

“Acheron River” painting by Lily Jones acrylic, plaster, on canvas 48″ x 48″ Commentary In Greek mythology, the dead were ferried across the Acheron by the boatman, Charon, to the underworld. With “Acheron River”, I wanted to explore the relationship we have with these fantastical stories and how they are echoed in the present world

“Tomato” poem by Maia Nichols

Tomato poem by Maia Nichols into some swamp land dream scape I trudged with a small wooden paddle and some grape juice for the morning, not looking back or harnessing any of the uncertainty that was collecting dust in my den back home, naïve yet with a slightly sour aftertaste, like the grapes growing on

About Our Contributors

About Our Contributors   Sam Becker is a fourth-year English Honours student who will probably be graduating soon. He has probably talked to you about William Blake and then tried to make a joke. Sarah Ens moved from small-town Manitoba to Vancouver in 2010 and is currently in her first year of the UBC Creative

Visual Art by Michelle Nguyen

Visual Art by Michelle Nguyen This series is a work of mixed media that combines photographs printed on acetate and paper collage. By constructing temporary and imaginary monuments within existing spaces, their purposes are to allow one to grasp a better understanding of the correlation between space and place. (click to enlarge images)  

“Herd” poem by Kate Radford

Herd poem by Kate Radford I have taken shelter from my kind among slow trees in the glen. Shaded from white cloud-light by waxy leaves – some spined, some smooth – layered in shades of green whittling the weak light to bright points of white. Underneath here is wind and the second-hand rain (a morning’s

“Keats’s ‘The Eve of St. Agnes:’ A Consumerist Fantasy” essay by Allison Birt

Keats’s “The Eve of St. Agnes”: A Consumerist Fantasy essay by Allison Birt   Nineteenth century London witnessed an exponential increase in the number and variety of shops available to its citizens. Goods from Britain’s growing colonial empire and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing sector filled these shops with ready-made luxury items that were very popular among

“Oysters” poem by Tara Simonetta

Oysters poem by Tara Simonetta Slimy Slippery Sliding off the half shell into my uncle’s mouth “Tastes like watermelon,” he says As he throws the shell back onto the beach. Scrape Crash Oysters fall into the bucket Barnacles bursting Calcium grinding A knife through the shell “do you want the muscle?” Salty Watermelon of the