The Team

2018-2019 Team



Chimie is a third year double-majoring in English literature and creative writing, but she’s mostly at UBC for the hummingbirds. She likes tisanes, Shirley Jackson, insect facts but not insects, and orchestral music. She is exceedingly fond of very bad puns, and despite (or because) of this, her work is published or forthcoming in Arts Commons Magazine, This Magazine, and Strange Horizons. She’s also the president of the UBC Writers’ Guild —  say hi!


Christine is a third year English Honours major with a minor in Commerce. She will ask to try five different fruit flavours at ice cream shops but end up ordering London Fog anyway. At any given moment, you’ll most likely find her suffering through yet another sushi craving, making lists of things she should be doing instead of doing them, or debating whether or not to take another nap. She loves TGS and, as the Co-EIC, hopes you all will too!


Sam is a third year Honours English student who is trying her very best. As Journal Coordinator, she helps maintain TGS’ social media presence, monitors marketing, and assembles the print issue. Seemingly without fail, she derives extreme satisfaction from her poor attempts at making John Mulaney-esque jokes, cheering for under-performing hockey teams, and completing crosswords. Find her in a Victorian literature class near you!


Yun is a third year English Honours student who has a lot of feelings for myths, legends, fairy tales, and folklore. She loves watching pretty movies (her most recent favourite is a historical Korean gay love triangle between two clowns and a king), making strangely specific Spotify playlists, and being an obnoxious Trekkie. As Submissions Manager, she is always happy to discuss your favourite pieces and is excited to see all the lovely artworks created by you!

Editorial Board

Joyce Chung, Christina Daudlin, Nick Jensen, Olivia Johnson, Kristen Kalicharan, Katie Lund,

Simon Lyu, Kathy Nguyen, Claudine Ong, Saakshi Patel, Makenzie Pratt, and Asli Sözen.

Illustration Board

Enid Au, Paphada Chantrakul, Angie Dai, Debbie Liang, Maggie Lu,

Kathy Nguyen, Maya Parker, A. Quinn, Verena Rodriguez, and Shivangi Sikri.